Houses of Worship

Enhance the education and communication for the congregations and the communities they serve by integrating high-performance, automated multimedia systems that simplify and enhance system control’s, such as multi-source projection systems and multi-window displays.

Provide the appropriate atmosphere for congregants to receive messages of worship, missions, philanthropy and other activities with advanced audio, video, and display systems. Simplify and enhance typically cumbersome tasks such as controlling multi-source projection systems and multi-window displays. Set the lights, lower window shades, reveal the projector screen, adjust microphone levels, control cameras and distribute content - all with a single touch from a touch-panel, handheld remote or custom keypad.

Incorporating modern technology and creating a balance between maintaining traditional worship is delicate. Sherwood Systems can install a custom designed solution created to streamline and compliment the architecture of the sanctuary while preserving historic landmarks and without disrupting their atmosphere.

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